Glinka Rossini - A Crazy Day - Pages of the Russian Ballet (2009) [DVD5 NTSC]

Glinka Rossini - A Crazy Day - Pages of the Russian Ballet (2009) [DVD5 NTSC]

* Actors: The Kirov Ballet
* Format: Classical, PAL
* Number of discs: 1
* Studio: IMMORTAL
* DVD Release Date: 3 Mar 2009
Video: NTSC
Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo, DD 5.1 surround, DTS 5.1 Surround

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Now then what can I say about this DVD,picture quality is as one would expect from a keystone Cops movie but to be fair this is a made for Russian TV film(s) in 1983.
"A crazy day" certainly lives up to its name and was either thought up by an idiot or genious,but whichever,its still well worth watching for its novelty value.I liked it anyway,so to give you a tongue in cheek synopsis -It starts off in the bedroom where a Prince has his eye on a servant girl and goes on to get into many an awkward situation before all is resolved, its lively throughout,The music is (mainly) by Rossini.
2)"Pages of the Russian ballet" is the opposite being made up from 2 ballets Glinka's Ruslan & Lyudmila (The Fairy Garden of Naina)danced by Gabriella Komleva with the Kirov Ballet,which I think to be a gem.(10 mins long).Followed by Borodins "Polovtsian Dances" from "Prince Igor", again lasting about 10 mins,but not to my taste but fully worth watching.
I would only recommend this DVD to someone like myself that will actually enjoy watching solely for the joy of watching an UNUSUAL (to say the very least)ballet with only an ADEQUATE picture quality,but which I believe keeps alive the images of some of the most glorious dancers from times gone by.
Finally I must say that we "Ballet Lovers" are not well catered for when it comes to having our choices Remastered,but the above are not ever likely to attain any large following, so even though NOT great they do deserve an audience before they are discarded forever....


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Glinka Rossini - A Crazy Day - Pages of the Russian Ballet (2009) [DVD5 NTSC]